Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt into our mouths.  Some people are lucky and they come through with no problems – many of us are not so lucky.

Wisdom teeth can cause problems at any stage in our life but the majority of people if they have issues will be late teens to early 30s.  Often the pain comes and goes but tend to occur when:

  • You are run down or have another illness
  • You are stressed
  • Exams and deadlines
  • Holidays – teeth know when to be annoying!

Symptoms associated with wisdom teeth are swelling behind the back teeth, pain, pain on biting at the back, difficulty opening your mouth, pus may be present behind your back tooth.  Your lymph glands in your neck may also be tender to touch.  You may feel quite unwell and run down.

We take wisdom teeth out for a number of reasons:

  • There is not enough room in your jaw
  • Constant infection and pain which is not good for you or your body
  • Damage can occur to the teeth in front resulting in the loss of 2 teeth
  • They can decay and become infected under the gum
  • Risk of breaking your jaw if left in place – this is important for people playing impact sports

We will assess you and take a special xray that shows your wisdom teeth.  This helps us decide the best course of treatment.  Some don’t need to come out, they just need some assistance keeping them calm while they come through fully. At the time of the appointment we will help stop the pain and show you how to manage them.  If they need to come out, we often then book a future appointment to take them out when the pain and infection is under control.  We can do this with sedation to make it easy on you.

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If you think you have wisdom teeth problems give us a call 035477725 or book online, don’t put up with them.

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