We love our environment and community


Because we are passionate about our community and environment in the beautiful Tasman Bay we are taking steps to be eco-friendly and community minded.   These we are ferociously proud of.


We are powered by the sun

We have installed solar power to help us become carbon neutral


We care for the environment

We recognise that in our industry there is a huge waste problem and a massive environmental footprint that we are taking steps to address.  We are proud to combine this with the highest cross infection policies and procedures.

Here’s some of the steps we are taking in addition to the usual recycling (we are always working on more).

  • We are using reusable sterilisable holders, mixers and equipment rather than single use plastic disposable products wherever possible.
  • Using careful cross infection control we able to recycle our paper sterilising wraps in the paper recycling.
  • We use reusable drinking cups.  These are fully sterilised in our sterilising autoclave. This saves about 1000 plastic cups a month.  
  • We have selected our power provider to be carbon neutral.
  • We reuse our office paper waste as packaging.
  • We have introduced a range of bamboo tooth brushes and floss that are better for the environment  Do Gooder ecobrushes and ecofloss.
  • Our milk for our coffees is in glass bottles – we love this! 

Stoke Location

Mapua Location

Stoke - One Dental

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Mapua - One Dental

66 Aranui Road


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