Got a Dental Emergency?

We have dedicated dental emergency appointments for toothache and accidents at both Stoke and Mapua  Nelson

Toothache     –    Accidents


We know toothaches are horrid.  So if you are in Nelson with a toothache.  Give us a call and we will get you in to sort it out.

If you are reading this after hours here are some helpful hints to deal with a toothache.

Painkillers will help relieve a toothache until you can visit the dentist.  Take painkillers regularly – without exceeding the recommended daily dose.  Also check that you can safely take the medication prior to taking it.  It can help to alternate between medications eg, take 2 tablets of 400ml ibuprofen (200mg each tablet) then 2 hours later take 2 tablets of Panadiene (500mg paracetamol and 8 mg codeine each tablet).  Then repeat.  Alternating can help provide a better and longer lasting cover.

Ensure you take painkillers 30 mins before bed time, then they will be working before you lie down.

Hot or cold – Sometimes sipping on very cold water can help.  An icepack may help.  Wrap some frozen veges in a tea towel and hold on your cheek for 10-20 minutes.  Some people find sipping on warm water helps.

Clove oil dabbed on the tooth may help if you have any.

Sleep with your head raised – this helps prevent the throb.

Night time is always worse – there are no distractions and the brain can fully focus on the pain.  Having some distraction can help, keep the TV on, have music playing or read a book till you fall asleep.

After your rough night with toothache please ring – we can help, we are good at it.

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