Primary and Preschool kids

General dentistry

Dentistry is free for Nelson primary and preschool  kids through the dental therapists at schools.  We can provide you contact details of the closest dental therapist for you and your child to access this free treatment.

If you wish your child to see us rather than a dental therapist, the cost is not covered so there will be charge.  We will advise you of the costs.

Some trickier treatments are not carried out by dental therapists – they may then need to refer your child to us.  The treatment is then free for your child if they are referred.


If your child has a trip, fall, bang, knock, wipe out call us straight away.  The consultation and any xrays are free as covered by ACC.

The cost of treatment is not fully covered by ACC – however we have a policy not to charge any child under the age of 18 the additional costs following an accident.  We understand you have enough stress with the accident alone let alone having to pay for treatment.

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