Had a Dental Accident?

One Dental is based in Stoke and Mapua Nelson and have dental appointments for dental accidents. We have provided some useful tips and advice on what to do with a dental accident.

With any accident the sooner you can get into see us the better.  We have provided a guide of how quickly you should be seeking treatment for each injury type.  Let us know you have had an accident and what has happened so we can begin making arrangements to get you seen as soon as is required.

Broken a tooth?

Had an accident breaking the tooth? Try to find the broken part of the tooth.  Bring this with you in milk to your appointment with us in Nelson.  Occasionally the part can be reattached.

A small break (ie craze lines, small chip on the edge of the tooth, ¼ of the tooth) does not need to be seen so quickly, but do get checked out by the dentist.

For a large break (half the tooth broken or broken at gum level) it is essential we see you as soon as possible.  We need to assess and begin protection of the nerve.

Knocked the tooth inwards, outwards or upwards (luxated tooth)?

These are serious accidents.  If you can reposition the tooth then gently do so.  Get to the dentist as soon as possible.

Given the tooth a good bang (concussion)?

You may or may not have bleeding from the gum.  Swelling or bruising in the gum above the tooth or severe pain is a dental emergency.  We need to assess the tooth for a root fracture and take measurements to record if the tooth is alive.  We need to see you as soon as possible or within 24 hours.

Knocked out a tooth (avulsed tooth)?

Find the tooth.

Pick up the tooth holding the crown of the tooth (the chewing part or the wide part of the tooth), avoid touching the root surface.

Rinse any dirt off under running water without scrubbing or touching the root. Do not use any soaps or other products on it.

If you are able – re-implant the tooth.  Check you have it facing the correct way, place it back in the socket and gently push or bite it into place.

If you are not able to re-implant the tooth – place it in milk or in your cheek and get to the dentist now.  Try to get to the dentist within 30 mins.  Do not wrap it in a tissue or bring it in a dry container.

Broken Jaw?

If your bite has altered or you cannot close your teeth normally you may have a fracture.  You may have bleeding inside your mouth and you will have severe pain.  You may have numb areas around your jaw.  Swelling will begin quickly.  Go to Nelson hospital immediately.

Will ACC cover payment of my treatment?

It is essential to come and see us after an accident no matter how big or small you think the accident may be.   We will register the accident with ACC so if any future treatment is required due to the accident, ACC may help cover the cost of the treatment.  ACC does not always cover accidents, but does cover the majority.  Frequently ACC does not cover all the cost and there may be a part charge.  By visiting and filling out the required ACC forms – we can ensure that ACC provides the best payment cover for you now and in the future.  We have the ACC forms required at Stoke and Mapua, Nelson, so no need to go to the doctor first.


Advice on ACC and Dental Implants can be found here.

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